Working as hard as I can

Where I live, the weather is rather drastic, we have two seasons when it comes to the weather, and they are summertime and winter.  The summertime weather starts in March and ends in September, most afternoons are sunny and in the 90’s. Most mornings it doesn’t get cooler than 72 degrees. The Winter starts in September and continues through January. The afternoons are usually pretty cold around 40 degrees, and most mornings get down below freezing.  Honestly, I don’t mind this weather, because I don’t appreciate the in between seasons anyways. Growing up, I lived up north, and while it was spring and fall seasons I constantly got sick from the change in the weather. So I enjoy where I live now so much. I hardly ever catch a cold from the weather change. My partner, Thomas, grew up in the climate that both of us live in now, so she knows how important it is to have working heating and air condition system.  Last September, we had our heating and a/c professional over to our house, and she took a look at our furnace. She told us that the HVAC system wouldn’t make it through the winter. This was a pretty large disadvantage for Thomas and myself since we weren’t planning on purchasing a newer furnace. We were thankful to know in advance that we would have a newer one by the time winter was here. Up to this point we hadn’t had any troubles with our HVAC equipment so far, we check each year to make sure all is well and working as it should be with the system. With the appreciation of the cold weather that we both have, it’s important to have well working heating and A/C units.  

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