What a beautiful house

For the longest time, I have been considering turning the tree into our backyard into a nice treehouse. One day, I felt that I should get the ball rolling, so I called up a couple of friends of mine. All of my friends have various specialties, and I’m thankful to have them in my life. One buddy of mine is an HVAC technician, and he has helped us out so much with our heating and cooling system. Another buddy of mine is an electrician, and I must say, he is a really handy guy to have around! If you haven’t guessed by now, my other friend happens to be a construction worker. He is very skilled at reading blueprints and putting together all kinds of building structures. I know that a treehouse would seriously be a breeze for him! So I had all my buddies over for lunch one day and we all got to talking about this little project of mine. Everyone was actually really excited, and we started talking about our ideas. This treehouse was going to be something amazing like the ones you see on TV! We would have electricity, insulation, and even an HVAC system! So we got started on putting the treehouse together with a few additional workers to help out. By the time we were completed with the project, this was the most beautiful little treehouse ever! The kids were so excited too! The heating and cooling system was actually a smart HVAC unit. It was incredibly energy efficient too! The walls were insulated so energy wasn’t being wasted and the air quality remained excellent. The HVAC system also made it so inside the treehouse wasn’t humid. It was so perfect! We hooked up a nice little gaming system in there and everything.

heating and air unit