Cleaning out the duct system

Last month, I was downstairs doing our laundry and I began to get a bad headache.  I don’t get headaches all that often and my hubby knew there had to be something wrong.  I went upstairs and the cooling system helped to ease my headache, so I didn’t worry much about it.  My hubby came upstairs and he said that felt he was getting a headache and his throat was sore too. I told him it must be something in the air and it may be depleting the air quality.  He went on a search to find what could be causing our air quality in the basement to be so bad when usually it is very fresh down in the basement. He inspected the water heater for leaks because it’s a gas heater.  He was concerned that carbon monoxide might be present and that would destroy our air quality. The next day, he was still in search of the reason for our awful air quality. He decided to call the HVAC company. They came in and checked the gas furnace and then looked at the cooling system unit.  They came up and asked when the last time my husband and I had the ducts cleaned. I couldn’t recall and neither could my hubby. He decided to have the ducts cleaned. Apparently, something crawled into the ductwork and it died. Although my husband and I hadn’t observed the smell, it was affecting the air quality and it was causing us to have headaches.  We told the technician about the sore throats and she said that might have also been the symptom of the terrible air quality.

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