What a blessing this is

I have been married to Jared for over forty years now.   Recently, both of us retired. It’s great because both of us have really love to travel and to camp. Because of our age, both of us aren’t able to go tent camping anymore, however, we  wish we could. Both of us still wanted to find a way to go camping! After much research, we decided to sell our home and buy a RV. We made detailed plans to travel across the US and find the best state camping sights to stay at. We will travel to the south in the winter, west in the Springtime, up north in the summer,  and finally to the east in the autumn. It has been wonderful so far, both of us are having a great time. Our RV was recently remodeled and it is nice and modern. We haven’t had any trouble with it, but we did have a scare a few weeks ago. It was night time and we were about to go to bed when we observed the RV was getting pretty hot and stuffy. Jared evaluated the temperature control, and it was set for seventy as usual.  Unfortunately, the A/C just didn’t seem care about it was functioning properly. The next day Jared ended up calling the girl we bought it from to see if she knew what it might be. Thankfully she did, she simply explained to my hubby what to do. Luckily for us, the A/C was back on within just a few minutes. I was so happy. I have spent plenty of nights in a RV without AC, so I surely didn’t want to have to go through that again. Jared and I were so happy to have working A/C for the many miles both of us would be traveling.

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