All my dreams are coming true

When our air conditioner stopped functioning over a  month ago, I never dreamed of the changes that it would cause in our life.  It was so hot in our home that I couldn’t rest , and the window air conditioning system that I’d been using in the living room was running non-stop.  It barely made a difference in the high temperatures inside our stuffy house. Because the outside temperatures that week were in the high 90s, well, when the central air conditioning system failed me that day.   I think the temperature in our home was close to 90 degrees. I was perspiring profusely and I couldn’t push past the miserable feeling anymore. I called our local air conditioning system and heating contractor which was located about five miles away. They sent out an Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional to come and look at our central air conditioning system unit. When she knocked on the door and I slowly opened it, our eyes met and I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight.   She was so beautiful in her sharp green uniform and she had the most appealing eyes and smile that I had ever seen! She fixed our air conditioning system in no time, so all of us had lots of time left over to chat plus get to know each other. I told her that I was paying for the repair call so that she had to do what I said! She said that she didn’t mind one bit. I’ve now been dating that Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker for two months and truthfully, she is the greatest woman. I think I’m legitimately going to end up marrying the Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech of my dreams.

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