I’m okay with this

The other afternoon, I decided to head to an amusement park with the family. Unfortunately, on the way there, the car a/c broke down and barely worked. It was truly better than nothing though, so we kept the windows down & the air blowing at a desperate attempt to keep cool. It seemed crazy to let the cool a/c air just fly out the window, however it was the only way to try & keep cool! When me and my kids arrived at the theme park, it was just so hot, and they were dying, so we got ice cold drinks. Then we decided it was a good idea to hit the water park, since there was no air conditioning anywhere around. My kids and I relaxed in the water. It was nice & cool. It was so refreshing & we all felt so much better. It was a wonderful water park. My kids had such a great time that we stayed until a half hour before closing. That was when the sun was starting to set. When we were driving home, we decided to have dinner at a pizzeria. I went inside to order the pizza & boy was it hot. I didn’t think I would be there for all that long, but I was wrong. I was in there for roughly 20 minutes just roasting to death. I asked them about their temperature control however they said their air conditioning wasn’t working. They explained that there was an HVAC repairman that was supposed to arrive fifteen minutes ago, but he still wasn’t there. When I finally got the pizza & I was leaving, that’s when I seen the HVAC van pull up to the place. Just in time for me to leave!.