This climate control works okay

When I heard that one of my favorite bands was coming for a visit to my city I was ecstatic. I purchased tickets for me and my girlfriend like a flash. She loves the band just like I do and we were both excited. We even snagged some VIP tickets to see the band after the show. Unfortunately, concert was held outside and it was a very hot day! The humidity was oppressive, but it was such a great show anyway! I wish that we had some means of staying cool outside though. Thankfully, when we went to meet the band backstage, there was air conditioning back there. The band really were nice people and it was a privilege to be able to spend some time talking with them. They were joking and laughing and even played a little more music for us. It wouldn’t have been as good or not for the great climate control back there; it was so relieving! if it wasn’t for the A/C I probably would have had to cut our visit short, or ended up passing out from the heat because I don’t take heat and humidity all that well. it’s a wonder I was able to make it through the whole show. We were having such a good time though, and my girlfriend helped me get through it.