I’m on a great place

When I was about to graduate from high school, I actually already knew what I wanted to do with my life. Friends of mine would ask me what college I would be going to, and I told them I would be going to a trade school to become an HVAC technician. I actually already knew what I wanted because my grandfather was a great HVAC technician. I used to go with him often on some of his HVAC repair calls. I was so happy when he wanted me to tag along, and I learned so much! So by the time I went to a respected trade school, I actually already had quite a bit of experience. I remember how brilliant it seemed to go into the HVAC industry because there will always be work available. I know that some of my friends are going to school to get into art. I think it’s great to get into things like that and be creative, but it seems somewhat risky to me. What if your art doesn’t sell and you never really make it big? Well, I knew for certain where I was headed, and I knew there was good money involved as well. It always gave me peace of mind knowing what I wanted to do because I also know a lot of people that are in college and still don’t know what they want to do for their careers. That must be difficult not to know where you are going, yet you are paying a small fortune for college. I definitely feel that I am honoring my grandfather by going in his footsteps. He taught me so much, and I have missed him so much ever since he passed away.

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