My bedroom has a lot of furniture

I love browsing through furniture stores. I’m not actively looking for new furniture at the moment, but in the future I would love to buy a new living room set. I have seen all kinds of living room sets, but some just blew me away. Of course there were those that were so over the top that you would have to be rich and more cash than brains to buy, but that is their choice. I love the glamor that goes with Hollywood, and I was perusing a section of the furniture store that had what they call Fifth Allocation Style. I was taken by the modern and sleek that came with the posh and gaudy. It was not for me, but it was unique. The Modern Hollywood Regency was also of interest to me. All of the posh and glamor of a 1940’s film set. I could see myself in satin and lace, draped over the bed, reading a harlequin romance. I would have my cigarette attached to the end of a six-inch cigarette holder, and I would be waiting for the butler to bring in my champagne drink. I would call everyone ‘dahhhling’ as I fluttered my eyelashes and swoon at the hint of a bad word. Not me, but fun for a fantasy. Then I saw the Old World charm. It was comfortable, and it was beautiful. I knew it was something I wanted. I looked at the price, and I looked at my hubby and I smiled.  Do you think they would give me a several year layaway plan?

tempe chair