A surprise visit

For my dad’s birthday, I think I’m going to surprise him by making an unplanned visit. I don’t get to see him very often because I live four hours away, so I think that this would be a really great way to spend some time with him and make him happy. When I stay with him, I usually use his guest house in the backyard, but he recently told me that the A/C isn’t working out there. This means I’ll probably have to use the spare room, but while I’m in town, I should probably make myself handy. I know a good bit about A/C repairs, so I could probably get it running for him. This would keep him from having to call an HVAC technician to come out and make the repair, and I know he would appreciate being able to save money on the repair costs. I always try to help him out a little bit when I go home because he usually has his hands full with running his business. He lives alone, so there’s no one to help him keep the house in good shape. That’s where I come in. I hope that my visit is something that gets him excited! He usually loves it when I’m able to make time to come home, and if I’m able to get the A/C running for him too, well, I’ll consider that killing two birds with one stone. My dad’s the best, so I don’t mind helping out when I can. He’s done enough for me over the years that I owe him a few favors.

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