I want a book store

I am the owner of a local bookstore, and I consider myself really lucky to have such a fantastic job. I love books and sharing them with my community, so I have a business that I enjoy running and coming to every single day. The only time I didn’t enjoy being at my job was when I had a major A/C breakdown last year. It was the middle of August, and the temperatures were absurdly high. To make matters worse, I found out that the A/C was broken unexpectedly, and on a morning that I had a big sale planned. I called the HVAC technician as soon as I found out that it was broken, but they told me that it would more than likely take 48 hours for them to get to my repair. I knew that the sale wouldn’t be very successful, so I improvised. I ended up moving most of the books outside on the sidewalk so that all of the customers wouldn’t have to be in the stuffy shop very much. It was hot outside, but to be inside without any airflow from the A/C would have been worse in my opinion. I made it through the sale, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have with the cooling system. Aside from that one incident, I’ve never had any other major issues at the shop. I have a dream job, and I really love what I do! I’d be willing to deal with the HVAC issues all over again if it meant staying in business.

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