Visiting the west

When I visited California with some of my friends I was blown away by how mild the weather was. It was in the mid 70s most days, and I was able to wear comfortable clothing without worrying about layering up. It made me wish that the weather was like that back where I lived. Something else I noticed was that the rental house we used didn’t have an air conditioner. At first, that seemed a little crazy to me, but I soon realized that having an A/C would just lead to a lot of energy waste. They are needed so rarely there that it makes more sense to build homes without them. Besides, even on warmer days it’s not too hard to get a place feeling comfortable just by opening the windows and allowing some cool air to circulate by using the ceiling fans. Now, in my part of the country, there’s no way that I would be able to survive without a cooling system because we go from having below freezing winters to hot and humid summers. I need a full HVAC unit to know that I will always be prepared to battle whatever elements are thrown my way. Sometimes I think back to our summer trip to the west coast while I’m blasting my A/C at full speed and wish I was there again. Oh, what a life it would be! Maybe I will eventually make a move to be somewhere with more pleasant weather, but for now this is my home, so I’m just going to have to endure the high temperatures!

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