I had a rough week at work

When my wife wanted to move closer to the city, I knew that meant changing jobs. I was already traveling a good distance to work every day, and I needed to experience a change. I was working as an electrician for the past four years, and I had learned a lot. I interviewed for a couple of jobs in the city. One of those jobs was working for a company that specializes in the installation of building management systems. I didn’t have much experience with these types of building management systems, because I was working on residential jobs. Most of my day was spent installing generators or fixing light switches. When I got the job, I was perplexed. I was part of a four man crew, and we were sent downtown to a new insurance building. It was our job to install the sensors for the building management system. The sensors are located throughout the inside and outside of the building. The sensors relay information to a main computer, that monitors the buildings systems like the HVAC, the lighting, and the security system. I spent all week installing these sensors. My arms feel like jello, because I have been on a ladder the whole week. I’m ready for two days of rest and relaxation. My wife and I are both off for the weekend, and I think we are going to drive into wine country and sample some reserves. It’s one of our favorite things to do to unwind. My wife is ready for a relaxing adventure, and it’s been a particularly difficult week for me.

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