Forced air systems

It has come time to replace the old HVAC unit.  The heating and cooling system was installed when the house was built.  That was thirty five years ago so I feel like we got good value. I am in retirement so I must be very conscious of all the factors that go into replacing the HVAC.  I’m not only worried about the costs but also what type to choose. I phoned the HVAC provider in our town to have him assist in the decision. He showed up to evaluate what can be fitted to what remains of the old heating and cooling unit.  The duct system is still in place. Recently, I even had the ducts cleaned and sealed. I wanted to be able to utilize the ducts if I could. The HVAC service tech explained that the best option may be a forced air unit. We live in a hot part of the country so we are mainly concerned with cooling.  The forced air unit is compatible with my ducts. The HVAC tech assured me that my ducts were in good shape. The ducts shouldn’t need much maintenance for about five years. I also learned that the forced air unit works with the new smart programmable thermostats. I believe investing in that type of thermostat will save me on utility costs.  I also like the fact that there isn’t as much maintenance since there is just the one unit. Adding value to the house is another plus if we decide to sell. I just ordered the forced air system and the HVAC provider will install next week.

HVAC provider