Dealing with a new installation

The old furnace in our home looks to be on its last legs.  I had the HVAC service provider come out to check it before winter.  He told me that I had perhaps one more good season left in the furnace.  I was not entirely shocked. The furnace was installed over twenty years ago.  I had one winter to find a replacement. I began my research online for heating and cooling options to consider.  I was overwhelmed at first by all the HVAC choices. I finally settled on a central air unit. The central air systems would take care of our needs and the HVAC guy agreed.  Before I ordered the new central air unit, I wanted to go over everything with the HVAC provider. I had used them for years but only for maintenance and repairs. I had not had a heating and cooling system installed by them.  I’m glad I did my due diligence because I was surprised when the HVAC company I was familiar with balked a few of my conditions. I wanted all HVAC costs from the unit to the installation written down. I also wanted to see HVAC installation referrals from other people for my HVAC provider.  The HVAC provider was shocked when I asked about the installation. I wanted him to guarantee that the new heating and cooling system would operate at the rated efficiency. I learned that more than half the HVAC units do not operate to the rated efficiency level because of faulty installation.  My HVAC provider wanted no part of this. I am glad I asked up front. I suppose it’s time to find another HVAC company.

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