Where did all this water come from

I live in a part of the country that isn’t conducive to basements.  The indoor component of my HVAC system sits in my garage. I don’t park in the garage because it is full of bikes and sporting equipment.  So, I’m not in the garage everyday. When I came home from work, I noticed water seeping from under the garage door. I walked in the garage to see a huge puddle of water across the entire garage floor.  My first thought was a busted pipe. But after inspection, I ruled that out. I then realized that the source of the puddle was the inside component of the heating and cooling system. I could see a trickle of water coming from under the HVAC unit.  I grabbed a flashlight to check for the problem. Next, I turned off the air conditioning and turned off the power to the HVAC component. I had a sinking feeling that the HVAC system had a condensation problem. Condensation occurs when hot air meets cold evaporator coils.  Normally, this is drained out the condensate drain line. I removed the access panel on the HVAC unit. I wanted to inspect the drain pan. I finally got a good look at the drain pan. It was wet but was not full of water at all. I was stumped. I took a better look at the HVAC drain pan.  It was hard to see but there was clearly a long crack along the middle. The drain pan was not catching water. It was leaking water from the condensation. I called the HVAC pros and they said I could try to repair with epoxy. I tried but it didn’t hold. I called the HVAC pros again and scheduled a time for them to come out to replace the drain pan.

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