We all have some big concerns

It took a bunch of shaking and rattling noises for me to pay attention to the HVAC ducts.  I could hear something rattling in the attic but could not deduce what caused it. It got worse so I ventured to the attic for a look.  The sounds appeared to becoming from the HVAC ducting. I didn’t know what to do to stop it. My only thought was to call our local HVAC company to come inspect the ducts.  A certified technician arrived and diagnosed the problem right away. The ducts were loose and not secured properly. The HVAC tech explained that it was probably not installed properly.  He suggested scheduling an appointment for him to come out and repair the ductwork system throughout the house. I agreed and set the date. The HVAC guy came back and spent almost the entire day on the HVAC duct system.  He properly reattached segments of ducting. The HVAC tech also sealed all the sections of the ducting throughout the house. Finally, the heating and cooling pro totally cleaned all the ducts. There was quite a bit of debris and even some mold that he found.  The process was not super cheap but was way overdue according to the HVAC pro. I now have zero noise coming from the ducts. Additionally, I am seeing a savings on my monthly utility bill. The ducting project totally helps my HVAC work at peak efficiency. The HVAC duct system can be the difference in your HVAC system being a hero or a villain.  I’m glad my heating and cooling system is back to being a hero.