Fixing my heating unit

I wonder if I should turn my air conditioner off while I’m not at home.  My dad always left it on when I was a kid. However, now that I’m in my own home, I’d like to use my A/C only in the most efficient, energy-saving manner that is possible.  I purchased my home only a few months ago, and I went through a relatively warm winter season. I didn’t even have to put the heater on very often. However, because I did use my heater, I could sure tell a month later, when I received my electric bill.  Now that summer is heating up, I’m not looking forward to overusing my A/C, now that I’m paying for the electric bill and not my dad. I’d prefer to know whether I should turn off my A/C altogether before I leave my house in the morning. Or like my dad, should I keep my A/C on?  So I consulted the website of a few HVAC companies and the consensus from them is to leave the A/C on while I’m not home. I should however, turn the air conditioner up to a higher temperature at the thermostat, so that the A/C doesn’t come on as much. The HVAC companies seem to feel that if the A/C user comes home to a much hotter house, and then turns the air conditioning back on, that it will take longer to cool the house.  So if the HVAC professionals think that I should keep the A/C on, then I will.

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