I’m happy with the ventilation

I’m a contractor in a large city and I’ve just been awarded a job that I placed a bid on to redevelop an old warehouse.  It’s very exciting for us to be in charge of such a large project. Once the warehouse is complete, it will have over 15 different businesses, including several restaurants.  My brother has his own HVAC company, and I’ll be receiving a bid from his heating, cooling and ventilation company to provide all the HVAC business for the warehouse. With the restaurants in particular, the ventilation will be of utmost importance.  Commercial kitchens deal with a lot more heat than home kitchens, due to the tremendous volume of food being cooked. Subsequently, the ventilation will have to be state-of-the-art. That ventilation equipment will be even more important, since the restaurants will all be housed under one roof, in the warehouse.  I do not want the smell of grease permeating the candy store, or the ice cream shop, for instance. The numerous other businesses will be expecting and receiving excellent ventilation, so that if a fish market goes into the development, the air throughout the facility will continue to be fresh. Proper ventilation in commercial kitchens is extremely important and it will ensure the health of the staff and the kitchen.  He will provide a bid for the HVAC equipment that will be necessary for each location. That will include all the HVAC equipment from the smallest air conditioner and heating for a small store, to the commercial kitchen ventilation, all the equipment necessary to ensure each business has a well-ventilated environment.