I’m feeling nice and cozy

When I was a kid I used to love to go play in the snow, build igloos and more. Me and my friends would be out for hours at a time getting all cold and drenched in the snow and making a major mess of ourselves. It was really a wonderful time and I truly miss those days. But the one thing i’ll always recall of all that was after being freezing from the snow playing, coming home to my parents top quality and up-to-date HVAC system. It was really nice in there! Their heating and cooling system was one of the best on the block. So much so, that my friends used to like to come over just to feel the wonderful clean heating of my parents HVAC system. It made us all feel nice and cozy while we were trying to dry off from the freezing cold icy snow! When we got in we’d change our clothes and dry off. Then, we’d sit in front of the TV and watch whatever was on at the time. The air vents were right there on the floor by the TV, so we would just enjoy the nice air that was warm blowing out of the vents. It was really the top attraction of the neighborhood. We needed to have it. Without it, we may have gotten sick, drenched in snow and cold as we were from being outside. Even when it was dinner time, we had to have the heating and cooling system! The heat had to hit us just right. And sometimes we even wanted the thermostat turned up more. We needed our heating pretty bad! In the summertime, of course, we needed our cooling!

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