Ripping the equipment out

I live in a really lousy neighborhood! It never used to be like this. But, over the last ten years or so, this place has really gone downhill. These dirtbag kids in the neighborhood will steal anything and everything, only to throw it away afterwards if it’s something they can not use or resell. They steal everything from stop signs, to street signs, you name it! The one thing I would have never imagined them stealing was my heating and cooling system! You may think this sounds crazy, but they stole my HVAC system! Yes, it is true! Thankfully, it was in the fall time when you don’t need the heating or cooling in this neighborhood. Not anywhere in this state, actually. But, one morning I woke up to have my coffee and go out to get my morning paper and I noticed something very odd. There was a big voided space on the side of my house! I thought what the holy moses?! Then it dawned on me that my heating and cooling unit was gone! Ripped right out of the sockets and out of its space! These kids must have had super strength or had a ton of help from other loser kids! The HVAC system had to have weighed hundreds of pounds. Who knows how they managed to get it out, but they did. Lucky for me, I had insurance on my HVAC system because it was recently brand new and up-to-date. I’m just thankful they didn’t steal my air purification system too! That would have been worse! I’m moving out of this neighborhood the minute my job gives me that big bonus!

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