This is the perfect system

I always enjoy just relaxing on my covered patio. We actually own this nice house on the lake and we have this awesome covered patio. We have the HVAC system hooked up to it so we can enjoy resting out on the patio pretty much whenever we want and remain perfectly comfortable. Something I had installed in our household is HVAC zone control as well. I did this so we could only utilize the HVAC system where we happened to need it. This way I could have the heating and cooling turned off to the the rest of the house when we weren’t using it. Not only that but our HVAC system had rapid heating and cooling! This was a perfect feature to go with HVAC zone control because the heating and cooling gets to where it needs to be within minutes. It’s great not having to waste energy on the entire house, especially when we know we’re going to be hanging out on the patio for hours on end just enjoying the view. We love to watch nature roam the area and the ducks on the lake. We even get geese that come through as well and it’s fun to watch what they are getting into. We absolutely love our place a great deal and I certainly wouldn’t trade our house or our wonderful HVAC system for anything! My wife was telling me the other day about something that would make our HVAC machine even better. I couldn’t imagine that anything could be better than what we had, and then she told me about smart thermostats. I was fascinated right away!