Finding my place

Last week, I attended a magician’s convention that was being hosted at a really large convention and event center downtown. I know, I know. Not many people have ever heard of a magicians’ convention, but believe me, they do actually take place. I attend two different ones every year: one in the spring and one in the fall. This one happened to take place in the spring and it was held the same week that we were having record-breaking temperatures in our area of the country. The temperature was in the high nineties and by the time I made it to the convention center, I had sweat dripping from my top hat and my white gloves. When I went inside the large building, I expected to be met by a nice blast of cold, air-conditioned air. Instead, I walked into a stuffy, hot building that felt like the inside of a greenhouse. It was not comfortable at all and I couldn’t understand why in the world the event management team had not set the thermostat to a cooler temperature in the building. It was ridiculously hot and stuffy and the closer I got to the conference rooms for the main breakout sessions, the hotter it got. It felt like the place didn’t even have any air conditioning running at all. I peeled off my white gloves and took off my top hat, and I felt like I had been standing next to a furnace! I started to wonder if, as their next trick, the magicians had decided to make the central air conditioning disappear!

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