There’s a line out the building!

I love all kinds of music. My current favorite kind of music is bluegrass and old-time music. I just love hearing a banjo and a fiddle and a mandolin all together! I think it is just an amazing kind of an art form. I used to hate it when I was younger, but now I’m older and I really appreciate the melodies and harmonies that bluegrass incorporates. I recently went to a concert for this really famous bluegrass group when I was down south. You wouldn’t believe how many people turned out to hear this group! People were lined up down the street to get into the venue, and they were waiting in line for at least two hours before the concert started. Unfortunately, the people near the front of the line thought it would be a good idea to hold the glass doors of the venue open, even though the outside temperatures that day were well into the nineties. The air conditioning from the building’s central air conditioning unit went right out the door, so to speak. I can’t believe the idiots in front didn’t have enough sense to realize that they were basically causing the A/C unit to try and air condition the whole outdoors! Anyway, by the time that all of us near the back of the line got into the building, it felt like they had the heater running inside instead of the air conditioning. I was very annoyed because I do not like being near lots of other people when I am hot and sweaty and the concert was super crowded.