The bright side of life

Being an optimist is a bell curve of reactions. If something fairly irritating or disruptive happens in my life, I usually can shrug it off and find the silver lining in the situation. Anything else, whether it’s a minor unnoticeable setback, or a major problem that suddenly becomes apparent, my ability to moderate my emotions quickly falls out and I see red. I still remember going to a tailgating event with some friends, and already being annoyed by the poorly functioning air conditioner in my friend’s truck. When I realized I forgot the mustard for hot dogs, I nearly howled into the sky in a fit of rage! Needless to say, my friends are left scratching their heads when I calmly explain my home’s A/C system suffering a breakdown. They asked if I was sure I was alright, or if I needed a place to crash until it was fixed, but that wasn’t necessary! The air quality in my home was preserved by opening several windows, and tactical placement of fans helped to circulate the air. I’m fortunate to not have allergies, so the outdoor dust and pollen doesn’t bother me. Since the HVAC contractors said the repair bill would be a little expensive, I’m just going to take my time saving up to pay for the repair. The heating and air conditioning company that diagnosed my A/C system offered to let me finance the repairs anyway, so it’s not all bad! While this situation is irritating, it could certainly be worse. Besides, I’ll just see this extended period without air conditioning as an effort to minimize energy usage! I just hope that the screens on my windows are in good shape, or I could end up with a pest problem. If there’s one thing I know will set me off, it’s having to kill roaches every day!

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