Air quality in the summer

My wife and I both suffered from seasonal allergies. Pollen, dust, pet dander, you name it and we were probably allergic to it.  We sneezed our way through spring and then blew our noses all summer until our red scratch eyes took us into fall. After complaining about our allergies for years, a friend suggested we look into having our indoor air quality tested.  There are companies that can actually test your air and show you want is happening inside your house. I sort of didn’t want to know but it did sound like a great idea. Indoor air quality is a big part of the HVAC industry. A team of people came out to test our home.  They found that we had a great deal of dust and other particulates inside our house and in the air we were breathing. They presented a comprehensive plan to make out indoor air quality much improved. They started with cleaning all of our ductwork. Then they recommended that we get rid of any carpets in the house.  Hardwood floors were a much better option for allergy sufferers. And finally they recommended that we add a hepa air filtration unit to our HVAC system. So get the ducts clean and get rid of flooring that was collecting the bad stuff and then filter all the air that was circulated in the house to keep it clean and provided the best indoor air quality.  It took a few weeks to get all the recommendations completed. But what a difference it made. My wife and I both were able to sleep through the night without breathing problems. No more sneezing and runny nose all the time. We actually felt a whole lot better than we had in years. Why had we not done this sooner?

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