Adjusting the temperature on command

When I finished up my certification training to become an Heating, Ventilation and A/C maintenance company, I had to build my resume and also save up for my certification as a state-recognized company. Figuring I could kill several birds with a single stone, I decided to move to this coastal village commonly seen as a tourist trap by the rest of the state. Not to mince words, it was like a university village without the university – lots of parties, drinking on the beach, and a lot of retail and food repair workers that developed a strong contempt for tourism, then in my case, I found a beachfront resort that needed an on-call repair company. I had no family in town, and they provided myself and others a bunk to crash in during my shifts, so it seemed perfect to me. I figured I would only get a single or several calls a night at most, to rooms where people didn’t guess their cooling system proposal was shut off via power switch, that notion was rapidly put to bed on my first night, when I had a repair call around midnight. I came to the room where the call was located, and I could smell something burning – not on fire, but like an electrical burn, after knocking on the door, I was let into the room by a couple of very drunk university youngsters, laughing as they pointed at the room cooling system in the corner, dumping smoke into the room. “It was like that when all of us got here”, a single of the youngsters said as I scrambled to shut power off to the air conditioner unit. I could entirely tell that a cup of beer had been dumped on it, as the air conditioner component stunk like booze and an empty red plastic cup was sitting on the ground beside it. After shutting power off, I told the men I would come back with my full tool set to repair it. I used the opportunity to let the resort management guess of what happened, and to make sure they’re held accountable for their neglect!