Rolling up the windows

Each year during the fall, my company holds a drawing for a set of theater tickets. Those tickets are usually to whatever play is showing on Broadway at that time. The tickets value about five hundred dollars each, so it’s quite a prize to win. There’s no way I could afford those seats on my salary. When I found out the tickets were going to be for Hamilton, I really wanted them bad. I didn’t end up winning, but my best friend did. She offered to take me along as her second person. I was so excited to see the play, which was this past Saturday night. The tickets included a car service to and from the theater. A black town car arrived to pick us up, precisely thirty minutes before the opening scene. We were staying at a local hotel, only three blocks away from the theater. We had to sit in traffic for twenty minutes,and the air conditioner was off the whole time. The driver had the window down, because it was cool outside. The wind was blowing inside the car, during the entire trip. When we asked him to adjust the air conditioner, he gave us dirty look. He eventually rolled up the window and turned on the air conditioner, but not before our hair was a mess. By the time we arrived to the theater, we had to redo our hair and makeup. We almost missed the first act, because we were in the bathroom when the lights started to flicker. Thankfully, our seats were in the balcony, close to the air conditioner vents.

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