A dripping air conditioner

I live in an old high-rise apartment building. There are several things that could certainly be updated, but since the rent is so reasonable, I try not to complain. However, I did call the landlord about the drips coming from the window air conditioner one floor above me. At first I thought that it was starting to rain outside until I realized that the sun was shining. After I took a closer look, I could see a steady leak coming from air conditioner above me. The landlord told me that some condensation is normal due to the dehumidifying process. But when I described the amount of water that was dripping, he decided to call an HVAC professional. The next day, I was surprised to get a call from the heating and cooling specialist, since it wasn’t my air conditioner that was having the problem. But he explained that he couldn’t reach the tenant that lived above me. So I ended up having a surprise conversation with him about air conditioners. I never knew how many things there were that could cause water problems, but I soon got quite an education. For one thing, the condenser pump might be broken. Or, if the unit was improperly installed, the leaking could be caused from an air conditioner that wasn’t level. If the vents are closed or blocked, the resulting pressure might be the cause of the air conditioner leak. Finally, if the drain hole in the unit is clogged from debris, the built-up water could definitely lead to leaks. By the time we ended our conversation, he finally asked me if I could ask my neighbor to give him a call.  

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