What a cool hotel

Every winter, my wife and I go scuba diving on the reefs. When we first met, we were both in a beginner’s diving class, and we fell in love instantly. We got married a few years later, and bought a house. My wife’s job eventually moved us far north, where we rarely have the chance to scuba dive. Once every summer, my wife and I travel to the keys. We rent a boat for the week, and stay in a hotel or vacation rental. It gives us a chance to use our scuba gear, and see cool fish. This past winter, we decided to stay for two weeks instead of just one.  My wife made the reservations at a local four star hotel. We were only two blocks from the ocean, and our view was pretty spectacular. Even though we were two blocks away, we could still hear the ocean at night. Our vacation rental was cozy, but a bit small. We had two bedrooms and one bathroom, and a outdoor shower. In the living room, there was a ductless HVAC unit. I had never seen a ductless HVAC unit before, but it was interesting and worked very well. The ductless HVAC unit resembled a traditional window unit, but bigger and nicer. The ductless HVAC unit kept us cool during the day, when the winter temperatures were still in the eighty degree range. During the day, we spent most of our time on the water. At night, we cuddled together on the couch. We had a wonderful two week stay, and we will likely rent the same place again next year.

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