The installation went quite well

I live in an seasoned high-rise up-to-date home building. There are numerous things that could entirely be replaced, but since the rent is so sufficient, I try not to complain. However, I did call the landlord about the drips coming from the window A/C one floor above me. At first I thought that it was starting to rain outside until I realized that the sunshine was shining. After I took a closer look, I could see a steady leak coming from A/C above me. The landlord told myself and others that some condensation is normal due to the dehumidifying process. But when I described the amount of water that was dripping, he decided to call an HVAC professional. The next day, I was surprised to get a call from the heating plus cooling specialist, since it wasn’t my A/C that was having the problem. But he explained that he couldn’t reach the leaseholder that lived above me. So I ended up having a surprise conversation with him about A/Cs. I never knew how numerous things there were that could cause water concerns, even though I soon got quite an education. For one thing, the condenser pump might be broken. Or, if the component was i’m officially installed, the leaking could be caused from an A/C that wasn’t level. If the vents are closed or plugged, the resulting pressure might be the cause of the A/C leak. Finally, if the drain hole in the component is blocked from debris, the built-up water could absolutely lead to leaks. By the time both of us ended our conversation, he finally asked myself and others if I could ask my neighbor to provide him a call.  

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