Going to my house each morning

My friends told me that raising a teenager would not be easy, but I had no idea just how difficult it would be. My teenage daughter Jill is a lovely girl, however she is extremely picky when it comes to food and temperature. Jill only likes to eat certain foods that don’t gross her out, and she is very particular about what temperature she wants our home to be. If the home is too cold, she will make a big stink about having to put on multiple sweaters and pairs of socks. If the home is too warm, she will whine about how much she is sweating, and say we are the worst parents ever. The thermostat turns into a war zone with the two of us constantly battling it out over what the temperature of our home should be. Because of this, I have done some research about ways to customize air conditioning in one’s home. One of the most innovative pieces of HVAC technology that I’ve read about is a zoned HVAC system. Zoned HVAC systems can heat or cool areas of one’s home individually by controlling zone valves set up in various places in one’s ductwork. These block the flow of air selectively, and by your own command. Not only does this type of HVAC unit lead to customized temperature throughout one’s home, but it has proved to be a big money-saver, since you can turn off the air conditioning for some parts of your home. I plan on purchasing a zoned HVAC system so that my daughter can keep her room whatever temperature she likes without having to make the rest of the home too hot or cold.