Dealing with some problems

For the past few weeks, whenever I have turned on my oil furnace I have noticed a strange burning smell emitting from the unit. While this has happened in the past, the smell usually goes away in a couple of minutes. However, this smell has lingered and continues until I turn the oil furnace off. Because of this, I thought it would be wise to have an HVAC professional take a look and see if anything is wrong. When the HVAC professional arrived, he could tell what was wrong with my oil furnace almost immediately. He said that the oil furnace was caked with dust and debris, which had accumulated due to my lack of cleaning. I was kind of embarrassed, since I usually pride myself in my ability to clean. After wiping out the oil furnace, the HVAC professional examined it a bit more, but could not find any outstanding issues with the unit. He advised that I keep up with cleaning the furnace, because apparently if I don’t, the dust and debris buildup could actually cause a fire within my unit! When he told me this, I was undeniably shocked. I did not know that my lack of cleanliness could really lead to a life threatening situation, yet here we are! After the HVAC professional informed me of this, I have set up a plan where he will come out to clean and inspect my furnace every few months. This maintenance will keep the furnace working properly and will eliminate the fear of fire from dust and debris buildup. I’m so thankful that I decided to have an HVAC professional examine my oil furnace.

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