A concert venue

When I heard that our favorite band from high school and college was coming to town, I decided to call some of my old buddies and get together a group to go see the band at a smaller concert hall near downtown.  It was not the big arena but it would be just great for us no matter how big the crowds. On the night of the concert my friends and I all met at a bar not far from the place for the concert. We had a couple drinks and talked about the old days and then headed off the enjoy a great night with old familiar music. When we arrived, we immediately noticed that the temperature in the concert venue was very warm. I remembered seeing a HVAC service van parked in front of the building as we came in. Everyone seemed to have a complaint about the overheated room.   I overheard a manger of the place talking to some patrons about how the air conditioning unit had stopped working just a few hours before the concert but he assured everyone that it was being repaired and any minute now it would start to get cooler. We took our seats and waited with great expectation for our group to start. The heat in the room was stifling and then not long before the main concert started, I felt a slight wave of cool air. Then it happened again and then again. When our band finally took the stage, the first thing they said was that we should all give it up for the HVAC guys who made this concert more comfortable.  Everyone in the place cheered. I wondered the HVAC guys were still in the building and had heard their appreciation.