I love the gas fireplace

My husband and I stayed at a rustic log cabin during our last trip up north. The cabin had all the amenities of home: a kitchen, BBQ, separate bedroom and small living room. What I liked most about the log cabin was the gas fireplace in the living room. It was controlled with a thermostat and the fire would come on and off in order to keep the temperature right. Not being used to this type of heater, my husband and I had to keep reminding each other not to put luggage or other items near the gas fireplace for fear of starting a fire. We would also turn off the heat whenever we left the log cabin for a few hours just to be safe. The gas fireplace worked really well in heating up the living room and kitchen. It did not work very well for the bedroom and bathroom though. Even when we left the doors open, those room were freezing. Thankfully, the cabin also provided an electric radiator heater we could plug into the bedroom area. Even this didn’t heat up the tiny bathroom though and the bathroom was too small to fit the heater. Despite all this, we had a great time and i really loved the gas fireplace. If I were to get one for my own home someday, I wonder if it is possible to vent such a fireplace to different part of the house. If not, I suppose it could run in addition to the more traditional central heating systems. Maybe it could even be hooked up to the same thermostat so everything kicks on and off at the same time.

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