Allergies are a pain

Allergies this time of year are so bad, especially at night. My nose gets so stuffy, my throat hurts, and I get a headache. Even my asthma acts up more than usual. I take a few different kinds of allergy medication, and they help some but just not enough. I also use portable air filters in my bedroom. Those seem to help some I have noticed that I am already all stuffed up by the time I start heading to bed. Those portable air filters are rather expensive though so I don’t want to buy one for every room. Besides, I would need to change the filters in all of them on a regular basis and that could get expensive. I wondered if there was a filtration system that could be incorporated into my existing HVAC system. I already use a HEPA filter on my heating and air conditioning system but this is just not enough.  When I called an air conditioning specialist, they informed me that there is an extra air filtration system but that it doesn’t work with all HVAC units. Sure enough, a technician came out on Thursday, looked over my system, and said that an an air purification system will work for my model. I was so excited. She got right to work installing the new system and it didn’t take long. When she left, I could already tell that my air was cleaner. I wasn’t all stuffed up that night either. The following night, I turned off my portable air filter entirely and I still had no difficulty breathing. This is great.

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