I’m wondering about the details

We’ve always used space heaters and window air conditioners. I never really felt the need to spend the money on central heating and air. That is until Holly was was about 10 month old and she started crawling. It was winter time so, we had the space heaters on. I took my eyes off of her for 2 minute and the next thing I know, I’m smelling smoke and the smoke detector starts going off. I frantically start looking for my daughter. I found her in seconds but it felt like hours. She was next to one of the space heaters crying. She had knocked the heater over and the rug was smoldering. Thankfully, I was able to handle the situation but I started to worry about what could have happened. I just can’t take that chance again now that Holly is mobile. I told my husband that we are getting an electric furnace installed. He didn’t object too much but he also wants central air conditioning since we are getting the vents installed anyway. I hope the whole heater and air conditioner installation doesn’t disrupt our lives too much. I don’t want walls all torn up or anything like that. But I’m sure the technicians are professionals and will do it right. We plan on staying in this house a long time too so there is no reason not to get an HVAC system installed. We probably would have sooner or later anyway. Besides, if we do want to sell the house, this will increase its value, I assume.

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