The birds are all scared

I’ve always like to watch the birds. In the area I live, there is a wide variety of them almost year around. I put up different feeders for them off of my back porch. I have big windows, that are taller than I am, that overlook my back porch so I can watch the birds all day long if I want to. The only issue is that my air conditioner compressor is also near my back porch. Everytime it turns on, the birds all fly away. The air conditioner compressor is very loud, both indoors and out. So it is no wonder that it scares the birds. I have learned to live with the noise by turning the television up. I hardly ever notice it anymore except for the fact that the birds all leave as it turns on. I would really like to make my backyard more nature friendly. I have plans for setting up a frog pond and growing native plants and flowers for the bees and butterflies. Having a noise compressor back there just will not do for my long term plans. I would really like to know if there is such a thing as a completely quiet compressor or if there is some way to muffle the noise of the air conditioner. I imagine that moving the air conditioner compressor would be rather expensive and messy. After all, everything connect to it. But I just can’t help but wonder what would be cheaper: moving my existing compressor to the front yard or getting a new compressor that is more silent.

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