I love this system

My husband, Arthur, and I have always lived way up north, along the border.  For the majority of the year, we deal with extremely cold weather, feet of snow, sub zero temperatures, and vicious wind chill.  Arthur and have a furnace installed in the house, and we spend a fortune on our monthly heating bills. We’ve never bothered with central air conditioning.  After nearly thirty years, we got tired of shoveling snow, scraping ice, and relying on the furnace to keep us comfortable. We decided to invest in a second house, down south, where we spend the winters.  We soon realized that houses are quite different in the south. None of the houses we looked at had basements. They didn’t feature insulated windows, and most of them were constructed from cement block. The house that we finally chose has a decent sized lawn, but the dirt is mainly sand.  There are tall palm trees and large cactuses in the garden. The most significant difference between our two homes is the HVAC system. In the house down south, the system offers is no heating capacity whatsoever, and the air conditioning equipment is enormous. The unit is located outside the house, exposed to the elements, and links to ductwork.  I was stunned by the diameter of the ductwork. The overly large ductwork takes up the entire attic crawlspace. It also provides a great deal of cold air. The air conditioner is capable of cooling down the entire house very quickly. The cooling unit can handle tremendous heat and humidity, and easily maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. I have switched to worrying about electric bills due to the air conditioning, rather than  natural gas bills from the furnace.

HVAC equipment