I wear shorts all day

My boyfriend, Carl, just loves to go camping.  He constantly tries to convince me to go along with him.  He’s happy to spend a week in the woods, sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire, and fishing for his dinner.  I prefer to have access to modern amenities. I rely on my coffee maker, microwave, internet and thermostat. I like my bed, my shower, toilet, television, furnace and air conditioner.  When I take a vacation, I look forward to a comfortable hotel room with room service and a heated pool. Carl promised he would rent a cabin for our first camping trip together. He assured me there would be running water and temperature control.  We packed up the car with supplies and drove several hours to a little cabin in the woods. Since this was at the end of September, the days were still quite warm, but the nights were getting extremely chilly. As soon as I stepped inside the cabin, I searched for the thermostat.  Unfortunately, there was no dial to turn or button to push to enjoy a modern heating system. There was only a wood burning fireplace for warmth. Instead of adjusting the thermostat, Carl and I needed to chop wood and drag it inside. It took us forever to gather enough wood to build an adequate fire, and then we had trouble getting it started.  The wood was dirty and created a filthy mess. The fire filled the cabin with the smell of smoke, and we had to huddle right up near it to keep warm.

climate control