Fixing the problems

Ten years of marriage deserves a celebration.  That’s what my husband and I thought when we decided to plan a trip, marking this milestone.  We arrived at our hotel room in the afternoon after driving several hours. My husband is what I call a “tundra sleeper”.  At bedtime in our house, the air conditioner is usually set to a temperature that requires blankets and flannel pajamas even in the summer.  So when we arrived at the hotel room, the first thing my husband did was test the air conditioner to see if it would reach his comfort zone. The rectangular HVAC unit fixed to the wall whirled to life and began spewing cool air into the room.  We decided to go out and get dinner, giving our hotel room time to cool off. After dining on crab cakes, we headed back with visions of romance. However, when we opened the hotel door, a vile smell and a blast of hot air greeted us instead, a sure blow to any impending romance.  The HVAC unit had now taken on a consistent rattle in addition to heating, instead of cooling. In a flash my husband was down to the front office, requesting a new room, and to our horror, there were no other rooms available! It was late, and the thought of moving to another hotel where a room was available (and not paid for) was not the kind of adventure we had hoped for.  But we did move, and to our surprise, our new room was far superior to where we had come from. More importantly, the heating and air conditioning unit looked brand new and had been turned on in preparation for our arrival. We didn’t get much sleep that night, but it wasn’t because of the air conditioner.

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