Getting the thermostat installed

At home one day, I noticed the HVAC unit was continually running.  The house was cool, so I really had not paid too much attention to the air conditioner.  Later that night, while lying in bed, I realized, again, that the air conditioning had not turned off.  My husband said he’d look at it in the morning. When I came down for breakfast, my husband was already hard at work trying to solve the problem of the running air conditioner.  He had read online that it was more than likely the thermostat, which could easily be replaced. Off he went to the local home improvement store to purchase a thermostat. Now, my husband is an intelligent man, and I’ve seen him fix many things I thought  could never be fixed; I was confident he would be able to install a new thermostat. That night, as we lay in bed, both of us were listening as the air conditioner continued to run, refusing to shut off even though a new thermostat had been installed. Thankfully, the next day was a Monday and my husband would be safely away at work while I called for a HVAC technician to come look at our air conditioner problem.  The technician arrived at our home later that afternoon, took one look at the thermostat. It’s the wrong kind he said, adding that most home improvement stores usually end up selling their customers the wrong kind of thermostat for HVAC units. With the new and correct thermostat installed, the air conditioning unit was good as new by the time my husband arrived home from work.

HVAC maintenance