A ductless heating and air unit

My roommate Cara leaves in one month and I could not be more excited. I have gotten where I hate having a roommate. It is not that Cara is so bad, I just want to live by myself. I want to decide what I eat at night with no input. I want to clean or not clean if the mood strikes. I also want sole control over the heating and cooling. With Cara, I have to make sure the temperature suits her needs too. In the Winter, Cara definitely wants more heating than me. I would rarely run the heater to save a little money in the Winter. Cara wants it to be around 80. So we compromised, which means neither of us were happy. In the Summer, I feel having more air conditioning and paying more is worth it. Cara has this weird thing where no air can hit her. She won’t sit near the air ducts and will turn off the AC when I am not home. I then come home from work to a stifling house. I can’t wait for her to leave so I can change that. What I probably will do is get rid of my furnace entirely. I will just get a small electric heater and use on those really cold days. In the Summer, I will run my air conditioning system at all times. I will make sure I get AC when I return from work. I think HVAC control is really the one thing I am looking forward to most. I think I could handle cooking and cleaning as a team effort.

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