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Cold weather has consistently been a single of our worst enemies. I grew up in the North, so you would suppose that I would be used to cold uneven temperatures, but being used to something as well as enjoying it are totally unusual things. I may be used to cold weather, but I actually don’t prefer it. When I was in university, our roommates would laugh at me because I used a heated blanket, as well as I had an electric gas furnace beside our bed year round. I am a small guy, as well as keeping sizzling has consistently been a challenge. When Sam as well as I got married, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to keep the lake house at a temperature that would suit both of us. Sam prefers it around seventy degrees in the lake house which is absolutely normal, but I like the lake house to be around eighty degrees. When the two of us first got married, he would usually cave in to our desires as well as keep the lake house at eighty or so degrees year round, but lately he has not been able to sleep because of how sizzling it is in the home office. Although it isn’t straight-forward for me, I decided to turn the temperature control down to seventy-5 to try as well as get a glad medium for the more than one of us. Since I turned the temperature down, I have been walking around the lake house wrapped in a fleece blanket even though it is the middle of July. Someday, I hope to convince our husband to move to some place where it’s sizzling year round, so that I don’t have to worry about cold all of the time.

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