I am concerned with this problem

I had the opportunity to go to a Broadway show, quite a while back.  I couldn’t believe how nice it was in that theatre. It was adore someone had opened up the doors windows and even the skylights and allowed the fresh air to come inside.  Now, Broadway is in New York City, so every one of us all feel that fresh air is not a commodity. Someone must have taken a lot of time to put in the best Heating & Air Conditioning system available.  They had to have added an air cleaner and a dehumidification system. I couldn’t believe that in a theatre that held thoUSnds of people, and a bunch of covered in sweat dancers and actors, with an unbelievable amount of makeup and perfumes throughout, could have fresh air.  There were no smells anywhere. The air quality was impeccable. I wanted to stay there and just relax, long after the show had ended. I sat there and I had someone ask myself and others if I was okay, because the theatre was almost empty. The gentleman asked myself and others if I was, and I must have looked adore a lunatic because all I could do was smile.  I told him that I was just enjoying the atmosphere. She began to laugh and she sat down next to me. Every one of us began to talk about the age of the theatre and how appealing it was. It wasn’t until long after I left that I realized the woman I was talking to was the star of the show. I don’t remember who she was, although I have always remembered how great the air quality was.

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