There is some seriously hot air in here

I swear, nothing goes according to plan in my life. People always think I’m being dramatic and pessimistic when I talk about the future and my expectations, but if they lived a year or two in my shoes they would understand. No matter how well things are planned out, they will not follow the schedule that has been developed. If I have an important appointment, I might plan to leave an hour early, but my car won’t start out of the blue. If I think I have extra money in my account ato apply to a big home investment, something major will break down and clear out my savings right in the knick of time. Most recently, if we base our entire moving schedule around the weather and our insanely busy lives, the new home closing will get moved back by at least a month. That’s where we stand now, desperately waiting to have a place to move all our stuff into. The worst part of it is that the outdoor air temperature only continues to get hotter and hotter. Therefore, the indoor air temperature is doing the same. What does this mean for us? Well, all of our moving efforts have been complicated by unending heat and humidity, even inside the house. Despite the fact that we have central cooling, it seems as though our air conditioning barely makes a difference when we’re dragging heavy boxes around the house. And we haven’t even begun to carry out stuff out into the pounding sun and muggy air outside! Worse than that, we’re stuck paying for the energy necessary to power our inefficient central cooling system throughout this huge debacle. If only the closing had been on schedule, ComEd wouldn’t be owed our entire savings accounts.

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