The technique I enjoy

My son absolutely loves to go biking. He has been biking every single day and says he is preparing for this huge race that happens yearly in our area. He always gets out there early in the morning and rides for hours. When he gets back home, he’s always sweating so much from his time out there riding. It’s funny, he always tells me to have the A/C cranked up when he gets home so he can enjoy that cool refreshing air. I don’t mind doing that for him because I certainly enjoy the pleasant cooling air myself! I don’t like to waste too much energy however, so I usually turn up the A/C on the thermostat roughly an hour before he gets back home. The one day he was telling me that I should consider getting a smart thermostat. He said it would be convenient because I’m not always home when he is about to be home. During those times, he has to turn up the A/C himself but oftentimes I leave the A/C on for him. I realize that is a waste but I don’t want him to suffer when he gets home inside of an overheated house. He said that with the smart thermostat, we would both be able to easily control the HVAC system from our phones. When he told me this, I wasn’t sure I believed him at first. I told him to show it to me on the computer, and he pulled up the smart thermostats and I read about them. I couldn’t believe we would be able to manage our climate control system from our phones remotely! I immediately called the HVAC company to talk to them about installing a smart thermostat!

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