It’s very chilly in here

We just recently had a pool party over at our place. Usually our swimming pool is perfectly warm because we have this nice pool heater. Well, the pool heater failed on us that day! The water was really cold, but I suppose it could have been worse! During the day it was certainly tolerable but when it was inside the evening, most of the people moved over to the hot tub. I was glad that the hot tub was still working great! Some people just wanted to go hang out inside though. Afterall, everyone couldn’t hang out inside the hot tub, even though it was a great time out there! I was pleased that our HVAC system wasn’t giving us any issues like that failed pool heater. It’s hard enough to be the best host of a party, but if everything is breaking down on you, that adds more stress because you want everyone to be able to have a good time and be comfortable. So while the A/C was blasting inside the house, we were enjoying relaxing in the hot tub. Eventually we all went inside and we all were just drinking making the best of this little shindig. We had some music playing and some of our friends were dancing. It was a really great time. I honestly thought that pool heater was going to ruin things early on, but I was glad everyone was able to make the best of the situation. I’m definitely going to have a new pool heater installed so that we won’t have to deal with chilly water in the near future!

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