We’re all trying to stay hydrated

The other day, we experienced an HVAC system break down. I was a little short on funds and I didn’t want to call the regular HVAC company for service. I knew that was going to be very costly. I got to talking to my friend and he said that he had a friend who was great at working on HVAC systems. He wasn’t an official HVAC worker, but he actually knew his stuff. He told me that he basically was an HVAC technician who wasn’t certified officially, but he studied heating and cooling most of his life. The good thing he said was that he would provide excellent work for a low cost. I called this guy up and got to talking to him about what happened with our HVAC system, and he told me he was on his way over to help. He got there within an hour and got to work right away. I was impressed because he had our heating and cooling system working within 45 minutes after he got there. He told us that we should really have our ductwork cleaned and reminded me to change the air filters regularly. He recommended once per month but also said it depended on the air filters. He said with certain HEPA air filters, I would be able to change those once every 3 months. I was amazed at the low fee he charged me for his excellent work. He told me to call him for all of our HVAC needs! I said I definitely would. I sure am glad I was able to find a reliable HVAC worker for such a reasonable cost.

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