This weather is sizzling hot

Last week when our HVAC system quit working, I decided to look at the yellow pages for a good HVAC company to use. When I called this particular HVAC company, my wife said she wouldn’t go with that HVAC company if she were me. I asked her what that meant and she just shrugged. I just proceeded to arrange for an appointment with them. When the HVAC technician arrived, he came very late and he had a real bad attitude. When I was going to show him to the HVAC unit, he rudely just made his way to the basement and found it himself and said to please not bother him while he was working. He did his thing and after 30 minutes, he said he was done. He didn’t bother to explain anything to us, he just took his tools and left. The A/C was working for a good 2 hours before it broke down again. That’s when my wife said she told me not to go with that HVAC company. I asked her how she knew not to go with them and she let me know that she read the reviews. I asked her why she didn’t tell me about that? She just shrugged and was drinking her coffee. My wife honestly can be so frustrating sometimes. I then asked her who we should go with and then she pointed out some good reviews. I ended up going with this place that had really great reviews, and they did a superb job on our HVAC system. They even asked about who worked on the HVAC system before them because they said they did a terrible job. I told the HVAC technician what happened and he agreed that was not a good HVAC company to go through.

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